My dedicated space, focusing on Power Apps and other Power Platform stuff 😉

About Me

Hi, I’m Pawit, Thank you for visit my blog.

Since 2021, I have worked as a full-time Power Platform developer in Bangkok, Thailand.

My goal

The idea behind low-code platforms is pretty cool: they let anyone make their own apps, even if you’re not a pro at coding. But there’s a catch. Not every project that gets made is easy to keep up with over time.

I’ve seen a lot of projects on the Power Platform that work fine at first glance. But if you look closer, the code is a mess. It’s hard to understand, tough to keep up with, and just not set up well. This leads to what’s called “Technical Debt,” which basically means it’s harder to update or improve the project later on.

So, my main aim whenever I work on a project is to make sure it’s something that can be easily maintained. On this blog, I’ll share what I know about how to do that.

I won’t be covering the really basic stuff that you can find all over the internet. Instead, I’ll talk about the things that aren’t talked about as much but can really help keep a project easy to manage for the long haul.

Fun Fact #1

I’m a developer who hate coding (seriously). That’s why I’m focusing on low-code solutions rather than pro-code. I can theoretically code in both old-school languages like PHP and some modern ones like TypeScript because understanding their basics is “A MUST” even you are working on low-code platform, Especially when you need to integrated with other system.

Fun Fact #2

Even though my real name is “Bhavit,” nobody can pronounce it properly. Because of this, I typically go online as “Pawit.”