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[UPDATED] Approval Explorer v1.3.0


Good days everyone! Thank you for interesting with my Approval Explorer project, Many my followers, customers are very like it. and now it’s time for new update

What’s new?

I have add basic but useful feature


Force approval – In short. this feature allow you to override approval request.

You can click on ‘Rate’ button on approval detail page.

The app will prompt you to choose/add

  • Responder – You can choose anyone in your organization (even he/she isn’t the person that was assigned to.
  • Response – Your response
  • Comment – Your comment

As you can see here, this request was assigned to “Powerplatform Quickerp” but now I am the responder.

Supported approval types

  • Approve/Reject – First to respond
  • Custom Responses – Wait for one response


  • Everyone must approve or wait for all responses is not tested and may not support.


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